Expressive Avenues Wellness for Aging Adolescents

Having had a request for this program for adolescents as well, I am including my approach to the various experiential exercises involved to 9-15 year olds. I specified this age range because a 9 year old is typically mature enough to benefit from some of the more esoteric topics but is still young enough to be fearless and creative in their approach. At the other end of the age group are students who are used to the concept of abstract thinking, but have their own socially self-conscious and guarded approach. During these adolescent years, I am always interested in engaging the student’s while they are young enough to still be highly imaginative and creative, but not too young to be confident and independent thinkers.
Since the program is experiential and relies on observations and guidance from an outside facilitator, classrooms of not more than 10 work best and many homeschool groups will find this exciting for the students and parents.